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as considered on television digital scale wise weighing scale digital Intelligent digital weigher Wise APP weight scale physique for iPhone 

Main Points:

• Smart Bluetooth four.0 fats scales BMI information acquisition for day-by-day use.
• Measurement Objects: BIA organic resistance measurement system to precisely measure the physique weight, BMI, fat, muscle, bone mass, water, metabolic fee, body weight, visceral fats, physical age, visceral fats, protein, etc.
• 4 Force Sensor: Body information acquisition sensor can aid you more correct data evaluation.
• Multi Health Information: Provide you with a extra scientific and intuitive health suggestions reference.
• User-friendly Liquid crystal display Design: Clear three.3 inches Liquid crystal display display screen, applicable to anybody studying preferences, easy to be considered even at the hours of darkness evening.
• Health Assistance: Professional health activity, diet, programs focused push assistance, tell you the way to obtain the intention you need. 
• Intelligent Identification: The scale can determine neatly of who you’re, according to the recorded data.
• Sharing: You can share your adventure every time, anywhere.
• Accurate and Reliable: Equipped with 4 extremely-sensitive detection sensor, accurate information to aid you perception into the subtle adjustments in the physique evidently.
• Auto zero resetting and auto off functions can be found.
• Cloud information storage, and never misplaced, gives you an extended-term physique index evaluation.
Powered by four x AAA battery (not covered).
• Weighting from three – 150kg.
• You can down load the App via scanning QR code within the English user guide or product.

Note: The original QR CODE on Typical EDITON is Chinese language Version, please scan this new QR CODE to get the ENGLISH Version APP.  

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