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Certification:CE / ISO9001
Place of Starting place:Guangdong, China

New Again Ache Reduction As Viewed On Television Acupuncture Massage Desktop

1. Based on Traditional Chinese language Medicine Thought, does no damage to human fitness;
2. The NO.1 inteligent acupoint detection gadget of the Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy gadget trade,everyone can be a very good TCM medical professional at domestic;
3. Iso13485 and CE permitted;
4. Utillity mannequin patent;
5. Appearance patent;



Output Depth

0 to 10 mA

Output Intensity Manage

ON / OFF, 0 to 10

Power Give

9 volt battery

Micro-current Output

0 to 2 microamps

Sensitivity Modify Manage

0 to 10

Frequency Manage

1 to sixteen Hz

Large Liquid crystal display Digital Reveal

Frequency / Sensitivity Indicator

Indicator Lamp

Pulse Fee Indicator

Pulse Width

220 microseconds

Pulse Modes


Pulse Form

Asymmetric biphasic rectangular wave

Point Detection

Meter, Sound And light-weight Warning signs

Output Channels


Gift Container Measurement

290 x one hundred eighty x 60 mm







1. One sensitivity (SEN) control knob on the correct hand aspect of the unit to manage the sensitivity. Base on distinctive epidermis to modify it.

2. An depth (INT) and ON/OFF manage knob on the left hand aspect of the unit to manage the depth of the output during the metallic probe electrode, which is located on the entrance tip of the unit.

3. A push class button on the entrance suitable of the unit. Press this button to set off the stimulation mode. A continual electric powered pulse of 1 to sixteen Hz (adjustable) is emitted during the metallic probe.

4. Frequency adjustment dial, located beneath the sensitivity (SEN) control knob, to modify the frequency of stimulation from 1 Hz to sixteen Hz.

5. The digital Video display is observed on the rear top aspect of the unit. It facets numerical reveal (0 to 500) to remind consumer if discover the acupoint or now not . the higher quantity is imply more nearer the acupoint.

6. There is a eco-friendly pilot lamp on suitable of the unit, next to the push class button(LOC/STIM). This will proceed easy up when discover the acupoint or stimulation mode is in motion.

7. Two floor plates, one located on the entrance left hand aspect, and the different one below the unit, allow the consumer to grasp the unit and contact the floor plate(s) easily in closing the circuit for aspect detection or stimulation.

8. There is one jack on the backside aspect of the unit. This is for connecting the electro pad (Ashi Pad).
9. The Digital Reveal chamber is observed on the rear to aspect of the unit. Show the quantity from zero to 500 , When utilized in Acupuncture or trigger aspect detection , the optimum numerical cost refers back to the nearest web site of acupuncture aspect.Also the eco-friendly indication LED will stay lit when the acupuncture aspect was discovered.

10. Acupuncture treatment during the probe may also be used for the instant medication of the aspect or enviornment correct after its detection to the affected person, by with no trouble pushing down the stimulation/detection button on suitable of the unit. activate the stimulation mode. A continual electric powered pulse of 1 to sixteen Hz (adjustable via turning the frequency dial) is emitted during the probe, the depth and sensitivity may even be adjusted from zero to 10ma. The depth is managed with the depth knob labeled INT. the sensitivity is managed with the sensitivity knob labeled SEN. Micro latest depth is emitted when the swap is within the blue zone. When treating with micro latest depth, there can be little or no or no feeling of stimulation finished even the probe is located on the set off or acupuncture factors.

11. Modern Spring Class Probe Tip with new more advantageous interchangeable spring class probe offers a extra constant and cozy acupressure to the enviornment or factors, thus providing greater accuracy all over point region browsing. It is crucial to notice that any a part of the physique can be brought on to produce a degree region signal counting on the quantity of power used all over region. Thus, it is crucial when finding the trigger factors to make use of the least quantity of pressure viable on the floor of the epidermis. Also, the circulation of the probe when looking for the aspect must be easy and swish, always retaining the same easy uniform steady power unless the suitable aspect is discovered. The pleasing spring mechanism of the Pointer probe will add in correction for any slight adaptations in the utilized power.



1, Do now not use for head if have cardiac situations and/or pacemakers ,lung gadget or others scientific electronic gadget in the physique don’t use this acupuncture device on the identical time.

2, do now not use it all over being pregnant , menstrual intervals , abnormal epidermis ,fever .
3, do now not provide no expression capacity individuals to make use of this acupuncture gadget
4, be bound to maintain out of the attain of infants



One or twice a day . for one acupoint or one enviornment about three or 5 minutes,
longer instances may even be imperative in some instances.






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